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We are a fully licensed, fully insured, full-service landscaping and lawn care Calgary based firm.

With over a decade of service, we have got you covered for any residential or commercial building; we keep your property landscape in immaculate shape so you are the block winner for curb appeal.


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Trusted Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Are you searching for a reputable company to hire for lawn care in Calgary? Do you want your lawn to be kept perfect and green always?

Do not search any further; contact Landscaping By Marcel for professional lawn care services in Calgary that will ensure that your lawn is well maintained and neat.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals and companies tend their lawns in residential and commercial properties.

Our professionalism is unmatched with our landscaping servicessnow removal, and lawn care services in Calgary and we pride in our vast experience in the intricacies of lawn care and property landscaping.


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Lawn Care Calgary – Seasonal Contracts

Regular lawn care in Calgary is crucial for a vibrantly green and fresh lawn, It takes dedication, passion, and expertise to keep the lawn in the best condition possible.

At Landscaping By Marcel, we specialize in exceptional lawn maintenance programs in Calgary. We are a licensed company you can hire for the upkeep, maintenance and care of your commercial or residential property.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and cater to your lawn through professional timely service by experienced local landscapers.

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Residential Lawn Care Calgary

Regular lawn care in Calgary is crucial for vibrantly greens and fresh looking lawns. It takes dedication, passion, and expertise to understand the environment and keep lawns in the best condition possible.

Our local calgary landscaping company specializes in exceptional lawn maintenance and have worked on thousands of homes in Calgary.

We care about the appearance and health of your lawn. Our team of professionals take delicate care and will ensure that your lawn becomes the envy of everyone. Become the focal point of attention with your home and improve the aesthetics of your property through our Calgary lawn care services.

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Municipal Lawn Care Calgary

Landscaping By Marcel offers first-rate lawn maintenance in Calgary and works to keep the properties around the city looking beautiful.

Through decades of service, we have in-depth knowledge, experience and passion for maintaining the landscapes and lawns in Calgary keeping it in incredible condition.

We assure all our customers are happy with our work and always work to have the best curb appeal in any neighbourhood.

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Commercial Lawn Care Calgary

You do not have to trouble yourself any longer with the upkeep of your lawn when Landscaping By Marcel can help you to keep your place of business looking immaculate.

We understand business owners and their requirements to keep properties looking in great shape. We also know that most people operating a property don’t have time to take care of the landscape themselves. Let us help you! We love to do this kind of work!

This is what we do best! Let a professional and a local landscaping company like Landscaping by Marcel to take care of your lawn care and lawn maintenance for you, and you will never have to touch a mower again.

Your Local Pros for Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenace in Calgary

Professional Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Lawn Mowing

Our Lawn Maintenance crews will come to your property at agreed upon times to take care of cutting the grass. No commercial or residential property is too big for our crews to handle.

Lawn Fertilizing

Due to the harsh weather and other factors, it is crucial to fertilize your lawn to keep the grass healthy and green. We provide lawn fertilization services to commercial and residential property owners. Regardless of the size of your lawn, our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

Lawn Clean Up

All our workers are professionals and have the skills and training to ensure our work is completed on time and without issues. We pride in providing top-of-the-line lawn care services in Calgary.

Highly Rated

We are highly rated online for providing exceptional, timely and efficient lawn care service for several residential and commercial properties in Calgary. Check our online reviews and see what our customers are saying. 

Proper Tools and Equipment

We have the state-of-the-art tools and equipment for lawn care in Calgary and other services we provide to ensure that we reduce unforseen issues that come with operating unmaintained equipment. 

Flexible Seasonal Contracts

Our fair seasonal contracts allow us to team up season over season to handle all of the lawn care encounters that may happen giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your property is being taken care of.

Friendly and Reliable Staff

Dealing with people you enjoy makes the world of difference. Our friendly staff and employees are happy to be doing what we enjoy and it shows through our work. 

Decades of Local Experience

We have been helping the Calgary community with lawn maintenance and landscaping services for years and we will be doing it for years to come. We are always eager to take on new projects and put our skills to work for your customers.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Every project that we work on is fully licensed in insured. You can rest with peace of mind when we are working with us that we do things right, and we we do it right the first time.

Your Local Pros for Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance in Calgary

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